A “Tebow, Why Not?” Banner Flown Over Jacksonville Stadium (Photo)


We haven’t heard much buzz about Tim Tebow this season, but it seems some Jaguars fans are relentless in their pursuit to bring Tim to Jacksonville. CBS Sports is reporting the latest pleas for Tebow coming from the group known as ‘JAGS-TEBOW, WHY NOT.’ At least we know that they don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. They had a rally on Sept 16 in support of Tebow to the Jags, but unfortunately only 16 people showed up.

Today, the group decided to pay to have a banner fly over EverBank Field in Jacksonville that read “Tebow, why not?” At the point in the game that the banner was seen, Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert had already thrown two interceptions, so a small case could be made for Tebow in Jacksonville. After all, he is interception free this season.