Aaron Rodgers Ends Business Relationship with Ryan Braun

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When Aaron Rodgers called out Brewers former MVP Ryan Braun in July for lying to Rodgers about PED use, Rodgers said it hadn’t been determined whether their restaurant partnership will continue. It looks like a decision has been made and it’s not a good one for Braun. From a joint statement released by SURG Restaurant Group:

Restaurant group co-owner Michael Polaski said he appreciated the restaurant’s relationship with Braun and wished the slugger success. Braun in the same statement said he supported the decision.

Braun passed along his “best of luck to the SURG Restaurant Group as it continues to grow,” according to the statement.

They have decided to change the name of 8-Twelve MVP Bar & Grill in the Milwaukee suburb of Brookfield. They also plan to change the name of the upcoming restaurant slated to open in another Milwaukee location.

It looks like Rodgers won’t be doing anymore business deals with the lying PED user.