Adidas Unveils The D Rose 4: All In For Derrick Rose Shoe Launch (Video)


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Derrick Rose is back, and regardless of whether or not you like him, Adidas is hitching their company to his back right now and Rose and Chicago loves it.

Adidas chose Rose’s homecourt, The United Center, to launch the D Rose 4’s, and to show the city that Rose is back and the shoe company is all in for the former Simeon star.

There was an extremely large media contingent, thousands of high school-aged kids, and a performance by rapper Big Sean.

Adidas first used a large lounge type area to show off the latest gear in the D Rose collection.

The event then headed into the main arena, where a large pep rally was held in appreciation of Rose’s return and his newest sneaker unveil.

Rose of course loves his new shoe and spoke about it.

“I think the whole shoe is nice,” Rose said. “It’s kind of like my whole personality into one shoe. The front of it is clean, you could wear it with anything if you kind of put your pant leg over it. The back is kind of crazy, just like me on the court — I play aggressive, attacking. So for them to put both sides of my personality into the shoe, I think that’s what makes my shoe special.”

The D Rose 4’s will be available October 10.


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