Adrian Peterson Says He’s Doing Some Soul Searching After Slow Start

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions

Adrian Peterson is on pace to rush for 1,500 yards this season, so you would assume that he’s happy about his start to the season.

You are sadly mistaken though if you believe he’s happy at all.

According to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Peterson said he needed to do some “soul-searching” after only rushing for 100 yards last week against the Bears, and starting the season off slow in his opinion.

“I was worried about the things that I left out there on the field and how much better I could’ve performed,” Peterson said, triggering feelings of inadequacy in running backs everywhere.

Peterson did get the 38th career 100 yard rushing game of his career, but he’s only averaging 2.7 yards a carry since busting one for 78 yards on his first carry of the season.

Peterson talked about not being hesitant, and of course being more physical.

“We pride ourselves on being able to establish the run game,” Peterson said. “So it will be a good challenge for us. I’m excited for it. . . .

“Really trying to strike those guys instead of running away from color as much as I did. I will be changing that this week.”

“[Sunday’s game] is just another reminder,” he said. “You can kind of get out of whack at times, and you’ve got to be able to evaluate yourself and see how you can improve and get back on track. So it’ll be a pretty easy adjustment for me.”