Alabama Backs Out of Future Series with Michigan State


In a couple years when you ask, “why isn’t Alabama playing anyone good in out of conference schedule this year” remember this day. Alabama has cancelled a home and home in 2016 and 2017 with Michigan State. Alabama used the uncertainty of the possible 9 game SEC schedule as the reason for the move. Mark Hollis, Athletic Director of Michigan State said:

“Alabama requested to cancel the series due to uncertainty with the SEC schedule,” Hollis wrote in a text message today. “While disappointed, in the spirit of collegiality, we agreed to the request.”

The Big Ten is also moving to a nine game schedule in 2016 so they are probably relieved about this, though they’d never admit it anyway. Hollis actually suggested they would find another high profile game to fill that spot and I’m sure fans everywhere are on board with that.

As for the Tide, don’t worry since Nick Saban will be coaching Texas or the Dallas Cowboys by then.