Aldon Smith Headed To Rehab, Takes Indefinite Leave Of Absence

Aldon Smith Mugshot

Aldon Smith’s life is in shambles today, and rather than continue to act like his alcohol issues aren’t the elephant in the room, Smith reportedly will address it on Tuesday.

Amid rumors of suspensions and things of that matter, Ian Rapoport is reporting that Aldon Smith will voluntarily enter a treatment facility either or Monday or Tuesday.

Smith will be placed on the 49ers non football injury list as soon as he enters a treatment facility.

“He will take an indefinite leave of absence,” York told reporters Sunday.

Smith addressed reporters at his locker after the game.

“First off, I wanted to apologize to the team, to the organization, my family everybody I let down,” Smith said. “I also wanted to let it be known that this is a problem, and this is something I will get fixed and do everything in my power to never let this happen again. I also wanted to let everybody know once again that I am sorry, and like I said, this won’t happen again.”