A&M Booster Explains How Alabama is a Dirty Program


When the Texas A&M booster opened up about considering having Johnny Manziel followed, he was also asked about paying players in college football and if he knew of any programs paying their “student-athletes”:

Do you know of other programs where players are getting paid?

“I have close friends from the business community who are boosters for other big football programs and we all talk. We know what’s going on and it’s everywhere. I mean, you really think (head coach Nick) Saban and Alabama are clean? Please. They’re just great at hiding things, covering up their tracks and shutting players up.”

“Do you really think those kids from bad neighborhoods could afford the nice cars they drive around in if they weren’t getting something on the side? Lets not be naive.”

Yes he is just using common sense, but not many people are on the record saying Nick Saban has the best team money can buy. I can definitely see why this booster wanted to keep his name out of this to not face backlash. These are strong comments that most people think but would tell the world. Also, just because you are paying players at A&M, doesn’t mean you have to dry snitch on your other booster buddies.

It will be interesting to see if Saban and/or Alabama address this. I just know that if a reporter asks Saban though, he or she will get a hole stared into them.