A&M Boosters Considered Having Johnny Manziel Followed

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Even now that Texas A&M is back on the field and winning (except  for pesky Alabama) they still can’t keep boosters from talking about the behind the scenes problems with the program and Johnny Manziel in particular. In an explosive exclusive with Rumors and Rants, they got a booster to go on the record and give a peak into A&M football. One thing that jumped out to me was his comments on the reports that boosters were fed up with Johnny:

“A group of boosters seriously talked about hiring someone to follow Johnny around in College Station and basically look over his shoulder. If he got into anything bad they would have grabbed him and reminded him of who he was and what he represented. If they couldn’t stop him and he got in trouble, then they would have paid the right people to make it go away.”

“Johnny has been trouble since he showed up on campus. If he wasn’t as good as he is on the field he’d have been booted a long time ago. He’d be playing D-2 ball if he wasn’t so good.”

Could you imagine if they did this and Johnny realized someone was following him to keep him out of trouble? Or worse, they had actually paid off someone to make trouble go away for Money Manziel?

I get the feeling that even with the wins, there are lots of people in College Station that can’t wait for Johnny to leave. Until they start losing again. Then they will wish they didn’t run him off 2 years early.

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  • Average age of said boosters: 68

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