Andre Ward vs. Edwin Rodriguez Set for November 16th on HBO


Injuries, promotional issues and problems with the network have kept Andre Ward out of the ring for over a year now, but finally he has an opponent and a credible one at that.

Here is what the champ had to say courtesy of Boxing Scene.

“I’m excited to get back in the ring on November 16,” stated the champion Ward. “The opponent is Edwin Rodriguez. He’s a young, hungry, undefeated fighter who doesn’t believe he can lose and it’s my job to change his mind. I think he and his team feel like they are going to catch me slipping coming off of surgery and the layoff. I try to live like a champion. I stay in the gym, eat well, and don’t abuse my body and this rest that I got was needed. I don’t feel like the layoff will hurt me, I feel like it will help me. It allowed me to rest mentally and physically, and I want to show the fans on November 16 that I’m better than I was before I left.”

One thought on “Andre Ward vs. Edwin Rodriguez Set for November 16th on HBO

  • Andre Ward, a black man from Oakland who is respectable, professional and courteous. He is a class act who carries himself with dignity, but he gets very little mainstream media coverage.
    Floyd Mayweather on the other hand acts like a buffoon! He may be rich but he is arrogant, insulting, constantly commits the sin of pride and he is a woman beater. For some reason, Floyd gets all of the media attention and press coverage. You do the math!

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