Andrew Bynum Says He Is On Schedule to Return, Has ‘No Idea’ When



Andrew Bynum is a walking oxymoron, and that’s OK, because he can really play basketball.

Bynum is now the Cavaliers problem, after accepting the 76ers $16 million donation last year to do nothing. ┬áDuring an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Bynum said that “he was on schedule to return, but has no idea what the schedule is.”

See what I mean?

“It’s a fluid process,” Bynum said. “I have no idea what the schedule’s going to be for me. But I’m doing everything I can to be ready. I think with the program that has been made up, we have a good chance.

“I’m optimistic I’m where I should be. Obviously, I want to be playing. But I’m taking baby steps, doing what the team and the doctors tell me. I’m doing my part. I come to work every day. I’m moving in the right direction.”

Cavs fans, read into that statement what you may.