Andrew Bynum Says He Is On Schedule to Return, Has ‘No Idea’ When


Andrew Bynum is a walking oxymoron, and that’s OK, because he can really play basketball.

Bynum is now the Cavaliers problem, after accepting the 76ers $16 million donation last year to do nothing.  During an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Bynum said that “he was on schedule to return, but has no idea what the schedule is.”

See what I mean?

“It’s a fluid process,” Bynum said. “I have no idea what the schedule’s going to be for me. But I’m doing everything I can to be ready. I think with the program that has been made up, we have a good chance.

“I’m optimistic I’m where I should be. Obviously, I want to be playing. But I’m taking baby steps, doing what the team and the doctors tell me. I’m doing my part. I come to work every day. I’m moving in the right direction.”

Cavs fans, read into that statement what you may.