Andy Reid & Donovan McNabb Hashed Out Their Differences Over Tacos


Donovan McNabb has been in his feelings for a few years now.

Ever since Andy Reid made a business decision and traded McNabb to the Redskins, No. 5 has been on the warpath against all things Eagles, and for a while there, Andy Reid.

Just hours away from Reid returning to Philly to coach his Chiefs against the Eagles, and to witness McNabb retire, Birds 24/7 has a hilarious story about how the two made up.

According to McNabb, he and Reid had lunch together in March over tacos and got things resolved.

“We had lunch together at the [owners] meetings in Arizona. He ate more tacos than I did,” said McNabb. “It was needed. I wish it could have happened earlier but it was needed. We were able to talk about a few things and get some stuff out on the table. I think that conversation alone has given us the opportunity to move forward.

“I thought that it was important that we sat down and looked each other eye-to-eye and got a chance to talk about a few things.”

McNabb stated that he simply wanted to know why he was traded and who’s idea was it.

“First and foremost I wanted to know whose decision it was to move on, and what was the next step? What was your game plan when you decided to trade me? Was it to play Kevin Kolb or start a new regime to see what happens?”

Did he just blame Joe Banner?

“No. Well…No,” he said, drawing laughs.

Of coure Reid and McNabb would share tacos together.

Reid had a taco Friday for the team every week.