Antrel Rolle Says David Wilson ‘Can Go In The Tank, Or Man Up’


Giants running back David Wilson is at a crossroads in his NFL career.

Wilson is extremely talented, and so highly thought of, that Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman predicted Wilson would become a breakout star in 2013.

Wilson for his talents, struggles to hang onto to the football while in traffic, and that defficiencie could lead to an early retirement.

Coaches simply can’t play guys who fumble the ball.

Giants safety and vocal leader Antrel Rolle isn’t interested in hearing Wilson’s pitty me stories.  Rolle has a simple message for Wilson, “man up.”

Appearing on WFAN-AM in New York on Tuesday, safetyAntrel Rolle emphasized that Wilson now has two options: “He can either get in the tank, or he can man up.”

Rolle of course predicted Wilson would indeed get it together.