Antwan Jamison: Kobe Bryant & Dwight Howard Lacked Trust


Although I’m tired of hearing about it, one of the great things about people talking about the Los Angeles Lakers last season is the honesty that has been shared since the season finally ended. New Clippers forward Antwan Jamison was a Laker last season so it’s interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was actually in that locker room.

While talking with ESPN, Jamison shared his feelings on just what exactly went wrong between Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard. Not surprisingly, trust was a huge issue.

‘It was difficult,’ he said. ‘I really believed before we got started that those two could co-exist. But it just didn’t work out that way. Both guys are unbelievable basketball players, the best we have in the game right now. But for whatever reason we just couldn’t get that relationship as far as them communicating and them trusting each other the way you needed them to trust each other in order for us to win a championship. It just didn’t happen that way.’”

In my personal opinion I think one of the core issues with Kobe and Dwight was just the extreme difference in their personalities. It would have been great for the two to build a relationship off the court, but by all accounts Kobe is known as someone who takes basketball seriously while Dwight is a clown. Having no foundation of friendship probably made it hard for the two to click on the court. Just ask LeBron and Dwade how much them being bestfriends helps their chemistry while leading the Heat to two consecutive titles.