Auburn Lacrosse Player Steals Car, Kidnaps Woman; Tells Cops He was Playing Real Life GTA V



There’s always that one random event at a major college football game that makes you stop and wonder where these kids’ parents went wrong. The Auburn/LSU game on Saturday was no different. Deadspin has learned that Auburn lacrosse player, Zachary Burgess, went off the deep end early Saturday morning around 2:30am.

Burgess wanted to have fun but took fun to another level. He decided to jump into a truck that had been left on and go on a joyride. Completely ignoring the woman sitting in the passenger seat, Burgess rammed into nine parked cars. The woman was able to jump out of the truck safely and Burgess was eventually arrested and charged with nine counts of hit and run, theft of a motor vehicle and simple kidnapping.

When Burgess was brought into custody, officers of course asked what the motive behind his actions was. Burgess response was simple:

“[I] wanted to see what it was really like to play the video game Grand Theft Auto.”

No word on whether Burgess tested positive for drugs or alcohol, but I can’t imagine that his thought process occurred in a sober state.


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