Blake Griffin Tried to Help Brynn Cameron’s Brother Get to NFL with Hype Video


Now that we know that Blake Griffin has fathered a child with Matt Leinart’s baby mama, Brynn Cameron, more stories are surfacing and adding to Blake’s infamy. We definitely know that Blake and Brynn were dating, but it might surprise you how all in Blake was at one point. TMZ has acquired footage of a hype video that Blake did for Brynn’s brother Jordan Cameron, a TE from USC.

Jordan was vying for a spot on someone’s NFL roster, so who better to turn to than a major known athlete like Blake? To help his girlfriend’s brother out, Blake recorded a hype video hoping to help Jordan catch the eye of NFL GMs. Cameron really must’ve had Blake wrapped around her fingers because he was willing to do anything to help his girl’s family.

Apparently Blake’s pub for Jordan worked because he landed a spot with the Cleveland Browns; or maybe it’s just because Jordan can actually ball. He tied the Browns franchise by recording 3 TDs in Sunday’s win over the Vikings, including making the game winning TD catch.