Brady Hoke Says Johnny Manziel Would Be Devin Gardner’s Backup at Mich (Video)


Say what you want about Johnny Manziel, but the kid can ball.

There is a long list of college football coaches that would give their starter and a car to have Manziel throwing passes for them.

Michigan’s Brady Hoke is not one of them.  During an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show this morning, Hoke was asked to finish a sentence that began with “If Johnny Manziel’s your quarterback…”

Hoke’s response?

“If Johnny Manziel’s our quarterback, he’d probably be playing behind Devin Gardner. … I’ve got a lot of faith in him,” the UM coach said.

No real shock here.  I mean what was he supposed to say hours before Gardner and the Wolverines battle Notre Dame in the season opener.