Brian Urlacher Says Bears Faked Injuries


There has been a lot of talk in college about players faking injuries and even Kirk Herbstreit claimed that teams are practicing it. We haven’t heard that much about it in the NFL though since teams typically aren’t able to run quite as many plays as in college. That changed when Brian Urlacher decided to give his thoughts on Fox Sports 1′s Fox Football Daily.

“We had a guy who was the designated dive guy,” he said.

He said it was helpful when teams went on long drives but wouldn’t name the coach who taught the team this tactic:

“It wasn’t coached,” he said, “but it was part of our game plan.”

It’s interesting that Urlacher would admit to this. Just like in college though, there isn’t anything the NFL can do currently to stop this since there is no rule on the books forbidding it. However, you just know that Roger Goodell is lurking somewhere waiting to make up a new rule.