Brian Waters Says Cowboys “Are As Talented” As Any Team In The NFL


Brian Waters knows a thing or two about being on a quality team, so the fact that the Cowboys got Waters off the couch to come play for them must mean something in terms of talent right?

Waters, who hasn’t stepped on a football field since he played for the Patriots in the Super Bowl believes the Cowboys are one of the more supremely talented teams in the NFL.

“It’s obvious that this football team is supremely talented,” Waters said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Anybody who knows football knows that this football team for years has been a super talented football team. I think this football team is as talented as there is in the NFL. I believe in that.”

Waters is from the Dallas area, so he knows first hand the expectations for the team, and he’s right at home.

“I grew up here. This is the hometown team,” Waters said. “This is a super talented football team. I believe this team has been close to breaking through and being a playoff team. Honestly, I think they have been close to being a championship football team. The talent, the coaching staff, the organization and growing up here were probably the biggest things that attracted me the most.”