Brian Wilson Confronts Giants Prez Over Not Getting His World Series Ring (Video)

Brian Wilson


Being screamed at by that beard would be absolutely terrifying.

Eccentric bearded closer Brian Wilson went on quite the tirade against the president of his former San Francisco Giants team.

As the Giants lined up for handshakes after a win against the Dodgers, Wilson confronted Giants president and CEO Larry Baer along the third base line.

There no word on what officially was said between the two, but judging from the way Wilson barged over and the terrified looks on the two adjacent little girl’s faces I’d say he was pretty pissed off.

Apparently, there’s been somewhat of a failed attempt by the Giants to get in touch with Brian so that he can pick up his ring. The team spokesperson Staci Slaughter, said that when the team tried to meet with him on Tuesday Brian quipped “just put it in my locker”. Then by Wednesday he wanted the ring presented to him in an on-field ceremony.

After Thursday night’s incident the Giants sent over the ring to the visiting clubhouse and told the attendants to just give Wilson the damn ring.

H/T: Deadspin