Broncos Von Miller’s Parents Moved In With Him After Suspension

Von Miller Mugshot

Von Miller is stepping up his support system. The Broncos LB/DE has been in quite a bit of legal trouble recently and seems to need help dealing with it. He is turning to some familiar faces. His parents:

Miller has become a media target following his suspension and his recent issues with speeding, and should he fail another drug test or have irregularities with his sample and follow every part of the program’s strict protocol, he would be facing a season-long suspension. To that end Miller’s parents have moved in with the third-year player shortly after his suspension came down, and the Broncos plan to have a team employee work directly with Miller on a daily basis making sure he is coordinating his time wisely, and working with the player’s representatives closely.

I always get a little nervous when adults have to go this far to make sure they can live their lives without breaking laws. Not only do you need your parents to move in, but the team feels like they need to assign him a babysitter? If he messes up at all, will his parents take his paycheck away? Not let him play GTA V?

At some point you have to be able to grow up and act like an adult like the majority of us.

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  • And sometimes the family is the reason for being screwed up in the first place, bad idea, go to rehab.

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