Browns Paid Trent Richardson A $13.3 Million Signing Bonus For 18 Games


Lost in all the madness of the Trent Richardson trade to the Indianapolis Colts is the financial ramifications involving the second year running back.

Richardson who was the No. 3 overall pick in the 2012 draft signed a four-year 20.5 million deal, and received a hefty signing bonus on par for a player selected in his slot.

Adam Schefter reported that the Browns did in fact pay Richardson a $13.3 million signing bonus that they won’t be getting back.

Cleveland paid Richardson the bonus knowing that they would actually owe him a little over $6.6 million for the remaining years on his deal.

Richardson has already been paid two game checks under his 2013 base salary ($1.327 million). That’s right Indianapolis is only on the hook for few million on Richardson’s deal for the next three season.

2013: $1,156,185
2014: $2,252,708
2015: $3,184,062

The Browns avoid paying the $6 million to Richardson, but with two first round picks and a non competitive bunch, expect Cleveland to dish out a hefty signing bonus again next season.

The Browns essentially donated $13 million to Trent Richardson for 1 year of football, saved the Colts from having to pay a hefty tag in a first round signing bonus, and gave them time to get great mileage out of Richardson before talks of an extension are raised.