Browns Removing All Traces of Trent Richardson From Franchise


Maybe 10 years from now we will have all forgotten about Trent Richardson’s time in Cleveland, but the Browns want to speed up the process.

Mere hours after the Cleveland Browns traded one of the faces of the organization Wednesday, the team began to assess how to make all traces of running back Trent Richardson vanish.

“We began the process last night and will take a good 24 hours to take inventory and make some decisions,” team spokesman Zak Gilbert said Thursday.

It should be relatively easy for the team to take Richardson’s photo off the front of its official app and on some of the pages of the team website. A more costly process would be to republish the team’s pocket schedules, which feature Richardson on the front.

Gilbert acknowledged the team will also have to make a sweep of the stadium to look for signs of Richardson. The team has time on its side as there isn’t another home game until Sept. 29.

Cold world if you brought a Richardson jersey recently.