BYU Linebacker Suspended Over Las Vegas Club Photo Taken By Utah Fan (Photo)


Talk about violating the honor code and the bro code all with the same act.

BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley has been suspended five games for a violation of team rules. The senior linebacker was recently photographed holding up a bottle of what appeared to be alcohol while surrounded by scantily clad chicks everywhere.

Hadley is old enough to drink, but the BYU Honor Code strictly prohibits any type of lewd behavior.

Of course the next question is how did the BYU find out.

Deadspin is reporting that aself-described “die hard” Utah fan, and snitch named Darren Lucy sent an email to the University of Utah’s assistant AD for compliance on Monday.

BYU and Utah of course will battle in the Holy War on Saturday night. Utah’s assistant AD did what he thought was morally necessary and needed for a win on Saturday night.

An email was sent to  BYU’s director of compliance Chad Gwilliam.  Hadley’s was subsequently suspended.


This is the email that sparked the five game suspension for Hadley.

From: Darren Lucy
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 2:16 PM
To: Kate Charipar
Subject: BYU LB partying in Vegas with Booster

I am a die hard Utah Utes fan and have pictures of BYU Linebacker Spencer Hadley partying frequently in Las Vegas at an MGM Nightclub and the Spearmint Rhino Strip Club. We have pictures as recent as last night of Hadley in Vegas with BYU booster Jacob Stocking. I’m sure the NCAA will be launching an investigation in regards to trips on Stockings private jet, Cash loans paid to Hadley, the use of Stockings vehicles, staying in high priced Vegas Suites, indulging in Champagne parties with Las Vegas Cocktail Waitress’s. Also reports of the use of the Drug (Molly) and Alcohol use among Hadley. We . Hadley reportedly seen trying to catch a flight back this morning out of Vegas but missed his flight therefore will be missing team meetings/practice today as he is still in Las Vegas. Sad to see young athletes fail to stay on track but BYU has had this coming to them.


I can supply pictures if your interested. I plan on contacting the Salt Lake Newspaper next