Cam Newton May Be Fined For Helmet Visor

Cam Newton Facing Fine

Now, in his 3rd season as an NFL quarterback Cam Newton may face a fine for wearing a team issued facial mask that is attached to his helmet with a clip that bears the Under Armour logo.

Nike signed a $1.1 billion apparel deal with the NFL and wearing any logo other than theirs is an fineable violation.

H/T: The Charlotte Observer

“No visible identification of a manufacturer’s name or logo on the exterior of a helmet or on any attachment to a helmet is permitted unless provided for under a commercial arrangement between the League and manufacturer,” reads Rule 5, Section 4, Article 2(a) of the NFL rulebook.

NFC communications director Randall Liu said in an email it is a violation “if the clips are not clear of all logos.”

The Panthers thought the visor clip was in compliance with league rules because it was blacked out and a team source said they use them because they’re easier to work with. There has been no word whether Newton or any other Carolina players who used the clip Sunday will be penalized. NFL fines are usually announced on Fridays.

Seems like if the team has admitted to issuing and using the clips on a regular basis, they’d be the ones facing the fines and not the players.

One thought on “Cam Newton May Be Fined For Helmet Visor

  • I work in the sporting goods industry and that UA visor is one of the best sellers for football players right now, because of the ease of attachment to the helmet. It seems like the Panthers should pick up the fine on this one. I can see Nike putting a lot of heat on the NFL and the Panthers on this issue. Nike has the lion share of the sporting goods industry, but UA and Adidas are putting a lot of heat on Nike.

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