Caption the Photo: Sammy Sosa as Dracula

Sammy Sosa Dracula

I really have no words.

I truly don’t understand, what in the blue hell is going on here.

4 thoughts on “Caption the Photo: Sammy Sosa as Dracula

  • If I try to erase what God gave me, maybe I will fit in with the people who destroyed my country and enslaved my ancestors.

  • Not hard to understand at all. Another rich black guy trying to convince himself and the world that he is white. White girlfriends/wife, bleached skin, straightened hair – it’s all there, all the time especially in sports. Folks complain about not enough “African Americans” in MLB but there are plenty of “African Dominicans”, African Puerto Ricans” etc. They just won’t accept their African roots and heritage. Tell Albert Pujols he is a descendant of African slaves and he will punch you in the nose. His wife would faint and her dad would turn the oven on, blow out the flame and insert his head.

    • LMAO……I agree

  • I don’t need a World Series title, I have got a more important title around my arm!

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