Cary Williams Yelled at Riley Cooper “I’m Not the N*gger You F*ck With”

Cary Riley

Cary Williams for lack of a better phrase is a sh*t starter.

I don’t know if that will be good or bad for the Eagles in the long run, but in the short term, I don’t think he is having a positive effect on the team.

He has gotten into a few scuffles this offseason and at a time where they Eagles need to be coming together, he is pulling them apart.

This has always been my problem with the word Nigger, if you are going to crucify someone who isn’t black for saying, you should watch how you say it yourself. I understand the word carries a different weight when it is said by a white person, but it is my personal belief the word should just eradicated from everyone’s vocabulary.

Multiple sources report that Williams after getting into an altercation with Cooper yelled at him “I’m not the Nigger you F*ck with”. That is just low brow ghetto behavior that isn’t helping the Eagles at all. Riley Cooper had to deal with what he said, but with the season right around the corner, you have to think team first and Williams didn’t do that.

8 thoughts on “Cary Williams Yelled at Riley Cooper “I’m Not the N*gger You F*ck With”

  • cut Cary Williams ghetto ass. I dont like that Riley said it either but hell let bygones be bygones. Its a team.

    • no no no , please don’t even suggest that, you would have al sharpton and media all in uproar making it a racial issue and turning it around as if he was cut because he is black. dont need that .

      • So, you’d cut Cary but Riley would get to stay? Yeah, I guess that’d make sense.

        • yes ma’am! Maclin out for the season. Eagles need Riley to be that #2 guy. Cary should have gotten the boot in the super bowl.

          • Well, sir, thank goodness you aren’t responsible for making that decision! And Williams did Cooper a favor. And I’ve heard that fights are purposely started at practices. So, conspiracy wise, Williams was probably prepping Cooper’s punk butt. Cooper’s N-word tirade was at a woman and not some Mike Tyson looking security guard. I don’t feel sorry for him.

  • ay im with you on dat. Im not sayin he dont deserve to get his ass beat but at the same time i know how white folk can be. My ex wife is white and her family didnt like a brotha in the family. Plus are you a Eagles fan? why u care

    • “My ex wife is white…” This explains a lot.

  • So blame the black man for something a white man caused! Really? Until you been called a nigga by a white man or had him call another man or woman one, you do not know the felling. Cary stands tall in my eyes. This is some thing Cooper will and try to resolve. I I hope it starts a conversation that your words have consequence you have to deal with not be saved by blaming the black man!

    Stand tall Cary! It is not your problem.

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