Christian Parents Upset Kids Being Taught About Jay Z’s Successful Sports Ventures



One thing I will never do is tell someone how to raise their kid. The reason is simple, I wouldn’t want anyone tell me how I should raise mine.

But, if there is one thing I do believe, it is that you can’t pretend forever that everything is perfect in the world. Because sooner or later, your child will grow up and be faced with some decisions and if they aren’t prepared they are likely to make the wrong ones.

I know Jay Z was a drug dealer, uses the word N**** and have rapped about women as objects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the positive things as a teaching tool. To quote Jay himself.

Hov is back, life stories told through rap
N**** actin’ like I sold you crack
Like I told you sell drugs…no…
Hove did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that.

Very simple message, look at the bad things I did, but I turned it around and did good things, so don’t be like me, start with the good and eliminate the bad.

Some Conservative Christian parents in Mississippi though aren’t pleased.

Sixth graders at Desoto Central Middle School spent three days learning about one of the most successful hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs in the nation. They were also tested on their knowledge about Jay-Z’s “resilience.”

“One of the songs listed on the paper that was brought home was ‘Big Pimpin’,” she told me. “Another song talked about thug life. My child was getting an education about thug life.”

She could not believe that her child was learning about a man who sings songs that degrade women and glorify the thug life.

“When he pulled out the paper in his backpack in the car, I called my husband right then,” she told me. “I was furious. We talked about it until late that night. My husband was about to blow his top.”

She said one school official even chimed in that the rapper owns a professional sports team.

“I asked him what that had to do with anything,” the parent told me. “Let’s talk about somebody that is a success that has done good things – not thug life things.”

I would love to see what skeletons are in these parents closet.  I wonder if they listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, because they have all done “thug life things”.  No one is perfect, we have all done bad things and hopefully learned our lesson and lived a better life.

But, probably not much else to do in Mississippi than complain.


  1. I totally agree with Jay Z and Robert. You can do a little bad if you have good intentions ie bang and sell drugs to feed your family. Furthermore, I believe we should be teaching our kids more about the “rags to riches” lifestyle and how this day in age all you need is YouTube. Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent these are the leaders of our world, no more fancy history learning on Ben Franklin, Bill Shakespeare and Marty Luther King. What does Bill Shakespeare know about Vine and twerking, those books are outdated. My daughter learns way more from Oprah than she ever will reading some history book on the Civil War.

    • so letting 6th graders listen to big pimpin and songs like that is going to teach them more? then i seriously pray for the next generation. SMH

  2. Again you have other comments questioning your professionalism. are you going to delete those comments too like you deleted mine ??
    if more people criticize you on this don’t you see the trend.

    don’t take it as just hating or criticizing with no reason. like the other person said. i too enjoy the site but. you often come across the wrong way when trying to be funny or state your opinion.

  3. I like Jay Z but I am wondering out of all successful people in the world they chose to use Jay Z as a subject? Im a black man and Id rather my children learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, or Barack Obama

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