Colin Kaepernick Favorites All The Tweets Saying He Sucks For Motivation (Photo)


A few of the NFL’s young stars at the quarterback position are starting to find out really quick that they’ll turn on you just as fast as they fell in love with you.

After a week one start in which he lit up the Green Bay Packers for over 400 yards passing, Colin Kaepernick has come down to young quarterback earth, struggling as a passer, and actually looking young in the process.

With the Niners 1-2, and Kaepernick always looking for that motivational edge, the quarterback with the natural chip on his shoulder is saving all the tweets that show him hate or disrespect, by simply hitting the favorite button.

Here are a few of the tweets he chose to favorite courtesy of Fansided.






kaepernick-favorites-hate kaepernick-favorites-hate2


Fans will continue to stay class I guess, and how about the guy that said black quarterbacks are only good for getting arrested.

Since Kaepernick is bi-racial, I’m struggling to figure out what he’s really supposed to be good for.