Cowboys DT Says If Tony Romo Goes Down, The Cowboys Go Down


The fan base that is Cowboys Nation held their collective breathe on Sunday night after Tony Romo got violently sandwiched between two Giants defensive lineman near the end of the first half.

Romo had sore ribs, but came back out and led his team to a gritty season opening win over the Giants, possibly erasing a few demons along the way.

You have to wondered though, what would the state of the Cowboys be had Romo ended up out for 4-6 weeks? ¬†Dallas defensive tackle Jason Hatcher doesn’t think the Cowboys would fare well at all.

Hatcher told USA Today that “if Romo goes down, the Cowboys go down.”

“I was mad. We’ve got to do a better job of blocking for him,” Hatcher said. “We need that guy. He’s a great quarterback, and if he goes down, the team is going to go down.”

I couldn’t agree more.