Cowboys Players Being Sued for Near Drowning at Youth Football Camp


Athletes often hold camps for kids or have charitable foundations so that they can give back to their community. The sad part about doing this is that is sometimes turns around and bites them in the butt. The latest debacle as reported by TMZ is a camp that was held by Cowboys players Miles Austin, Anthony Spencer and Brandon Carr.

The story is the parents of James Jackson Jr are suing the trio for $1 million after James nearly drowned at a football camp that was held at the University of North Texas bearing Spencer’s name. Apparently there were over 100 kids in the pool, and James sank to the bottom. He was pulled out, given CPR and taken to a local hospital. His parents are claiming he suffered “mental anguish, disfigurement and physical impairment.”

It’s sad when these guys actually try to do something good and it turns ugly. There hasn’t been any comment from the Cowboys organization or the players involved in the lawsuit, but hopefully this can end amicably.