Cris Collinsworth Says Players Sign With Patriots & Their Problems Disappear (Video)


You have to excuse NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth if his memory is not up to par.

Collinsworth, who played several years in the NFL at a high level might have been suffering from symptoms of an old concussion last night when he tried to give the Patriots organization the ultimate compliment.

During the Sunday night football telecast between the Patriots and the Falcons, Collinsworth found himself in the position of trying to analyze the reason why so many players who’ve had character issues flourish once they get to New England.

Collinsworth at the time was specifically pointing to current Patriots Aqib Talib and LaGarrette Blount as case studies for the Patriot way and how personal problems and character issues disappear once they arrive in Foxborough.

“All Bill Belichick does is brings them in here and there hasn’t been one ounce of a problem,” Collinsworth said. “There’s something about when they come in and play for Patriots, whatever their issues may have been before, they disappear. They play great football for them and Aqib Talib is at the top of that list.”

Collinsworth gaffed big time on that assessment because just like everyone in the Patriots organization, and around the league, he tried to act like this guy below never existed.


I’m not bashing Collinsworth here, just simply saying call a spade a spade.  The Patriots missed on Hernandez and it’s OK. Aaron Hernandez had character issues before he got New England.

Belichick and company weighed the pros and cons of  having Hernandez and rolled the dice.  Hernandez had character issues in New England and didn’t change.

He simply blended in.

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  • Football announcers speak in cliches.
    Not a lot of thought went into this.

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