Cubs Owner Doesn’t see Increase in Spending anytime Soon

Tom Ricketts

When you’re 59-80 entering the last month of the MLB regular season, there are a lot of questions regarding the direction of your franchise. The Chicago Cubs haven’t been relevant in a very long time, so changes this off-season might be only natural for fans of the team to expect.

But owner Tom Ricketts was talking about the team with  Gordon Wittenmeyer of the Chicago Sun-Times, and let it be known that he doesn’t envision a big splurge of spending for the franchise after the year.

“I know it’s not a money issue. You can’t just throw money at the problem. We have to build the organization from the ground up. And that’s what we’re doing right now.”

“We go into every season wanting to win. But we also make personnel decisions based on what’s best for the organization over the longer term. The fact is, we’re doing it the right way. We have the best leaders in our baseball organization, the smartest guys. It’s one step at a time. And we’re getting better.”

The Cubs as a franchise seem intent on building from the ground up, which means re-stocking their farm system with top prospects that they one day hope will be stars at Wrigley Field.

While this strategy may take longer to yield dividends (wins), it puts the franchise in a much better position long-term. Be patient, Cubs fans. It sounds like your organization is doing things the right way.