Da Real Lambo’s Friend Says We Have it All Wrong, He’s In Love With LeBron’s Mom


Gloria James Lambo 3

A friend of Da Real Lambo, Daniel Rose says the media has the entire story wrong and he wants to set the record straight. You know my policy, I am always willing to show both sides of the story, so here is what Mr. Rose had to say.

1.    Lambo and Gloria have been an item for approximately 2 years. They are very close and anyone who

has seen them together would know this.

2.    The ring is not Lebron’s ring. Lebron bought him a ring as well as rings for members of his family. This is the same as other players on the Heat who bought rings for friends and family. Remember, Howard bought rings for the other members of the Fab 5.

3.    I have been out with Lambo on many occasions as well as Gloria and Lambo and I have NEVER seen Lambo take money or ask for money from anyone.

4.    Lambo has done modeling and acting.

So, according to Mr. Rose, Actor, model and rapper Lambo has never asked for money (that is different from receiving money, gifts, trips) and LeBron brought him a ring.

You can decide if you believe this or not.


  1. Maannnnn FUCK THIS TRICK Daniel… Lebron Mom is on An Allowance which is Some SERIOUS $$$ and We ALREADY KNOW She’s spending money on HIM WILLINGLY Soooo THIS P-O-S doesn’t have to ASK FOR MONEY (DUH…) SMDH

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