Danny Granger Expects To Play In Preseason For Pacers


The Indiana Pacers will be an even more formidable opponent with the addition of Luis Scola and Danny Grangers return from injury.

After getting within a game of the NBA Finals, being able to have the versatile Granger return from injury with no pressure of being the star will surely land them on top of several NBA power rankings.

Granger will have to work to mesh his game with the teams new stars, Paul George and Roy Hibbert.  During a question an answer with Dime Magazine, Granger said he expects to start the process of meshing during the preseason.

Dime: Are you restricted at all in the stuff you can do, or are you full-on right now?

DG: I’m still in the middle of my rehab. I’m in a six month rehab; I won’t be six months out until October 5th…so I’m progressing to playing — I’m playing now, but I’m progressing on schedule and I’m still in the midst of my rehab.

Dime: Do you think that October 5th date is within reach, and you’ll be able to play in the preseason to get back into the flow?

DG: Yeah. I anticipate playing in the preseason. I definitely do.

If Granger can return and accept his role in the pecking order, it will definitely give the Pacers another body to throw at the likes of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James.