David Wilson Switching To Tiki Barber’s Way Of Carrying Football


David Wilson must have seen his career flash before his eyes, because he finally made that call.

Newsday is reporting that Wilson has sought out former Giants great Tiki Barber to help fix his fumbling problem.

According to Bob Glauber, Barber says he’s been there and done that, but by no means does he think David Wilson’s career is in jeopardy because of his fumbling problem.

“If people are ready to give up on David, that’s ridiculous,” Barber told Newsday. “As much as people want to say it’s in his head, that he has to be smarter and man up and do these things, it’s so much of a mechanical thing. It’s fixable. The key is awareness of when contact is coming. If you watch David’s fumbles, he’s not aware of contact. He just thinks he can go through [the tackler], and by the time the contact comes, the ball is already compromised.”

“He gave me some advice I can really use,” Wilson said. “It makes sense. It felt good in practice, so I plan on using it.”

I hope he’s right, but according to reports, Tom Coughlin has made it clear that Wilson is about to hit rock bottom as a running back if he can’t fix his problem.