DeSean Jackson Says He’s Driven To Be Best Little WR Ever


DeSean Jackson knows what people are thinking about him.

He hears the talk about him being a rapper and blowing all his money, while not taking his football career seriously.  Jackson says that ‘s not the case, and during an interview with Reuben Frank of CSN Philly, said “he is driven to be the best little wide receiver ever.”

“Honestly, always, since I’ve been playing this game, I always wanted to be known as one of the best players that played this position,” Jackson said.

For all the talk about DeSean’s off field activities, he’s put up some incredible numbers with the Eagles.

Jackson’s 274 receptions are the most ever by an Eagle in his first five NFL seasons, and his 4,675 receiving yards are just 23 fewer than Mike Quick had.

Only two receivers under 180 pounds have put up better numbers in their first five seasons than Jackson. Marvin Harrison was 413 for 5,554, and Gary Clark was 340 for 5,378.

Jackson knows what he’s doing is special, and told CSN you have to be special to play the position at his size.

“To play wide receiver in this league there is something about you that has to be intriguing — either your size, speed, your hands, your routes,” he said.

“When I look at myself being a 5-10 guy, at the most 170, 175 pounds, just looking back in history I don’t really see any guys of that stature and size that have been able to contribute the way that I have contributed in my first five, six years in this league.

“I think when it’s over and said and done, the more I go out there and do the things I need to do I think I’ll go down in history as one of the smallest guys to play wide receiver to do some great things.”