Dick Vitale Tweets Comparing Arian Foster to a Prostitute (Photo)


Dick Vitale To Call His First Final Four

Arian Foster admitted that he took money during his senior year at Tennessee which isn’t all that surprising to anyone. However, Dick Vitale is OUTRAGED. So much so that he compared college athletes who take money to prostitutes that complain later:

dickie v

Who knew that Dickie V was so passionate about players making a little something? We have another case of someone thinking deleting a ¬†tweet erases it from the world. It’s funny though, these coaches aren’t “prostitutes” jumping from job to job for raises though are they Dick?


  1. Dick Vitale is a fucking joke. Seriously, the guy’s time has passed. He is of an era where they believed in the sanctimony of college sports (which was a sham). No one buys that shit anymore. You have rich people and universities raping these young poor individuals and he acts like the problem is with the players. Fuck Dick Vitale.

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