Dodgers Party in Diamondbacks Chase Field Pool After Clinching NL West (Video)


When the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship in 2011, the entire team went to Miami’s world famous Liv nightclub with the trophy to celebrate with Miami natives, and many Heat fans were offended. Well CBS Sports is reporting that the LA Dodgers might’ve have taken celebrating in the away team’s house to a whole new level.

The Dodgers team ran to the right centerfield pool at Chase Field and decided to take a celebration dip.

Needless to say the Diamondbacks team weren’t at all happy about it and one of the players, Willie Bloomquist had this to say about it:

“I think it’s tired and disrespectful. It’s surprising because they have a lot of veteran guys on that team that I thought were classier than that.”


“But there’s a fine line between going overboard at someone else’s place and doing that, I think. But what are we going to do about it? There’s not much we can do about it now. They’ve clinched the division this year, but if that’s how they’re going to act and be classless, that’s their gig, that’s their clubhouse. I just think it’s disrespectful and classless.”

The Diamondbacks and the Dodgers have no love lost for each other. They had a pretty epic brawl earlier this season. The Dodgers were most likely trying to stick it to their foes, but the Diamondbacks just need to remember to win next season so they don’t have to worry about opponents disrespecting their home turf.

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  • Temperatures in Phoenix in the summer are over one hundred degrees. Of course they are going to jump into the swimming pool.

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