Doug Collins To Replace Michael Wilbon On ESPN’s NBA Countdown

Kia NBA Countdown - November 2, 2012

The Public has spoken, and ESPN has responded.  Although I’m not sure the viewers are going to approve of the move they made.

Fans complained for most of the NBA regular season about the chemistry of the ESPN’s Countdown crew.  The foursome of Michael Wilbon, Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, and Bill Simmon consistently got gripes from social media about awkward chemistry the crew had.

Many expected changes, and The Big Lead is now reporting that former 76ers head coach Doug Collins has signed with ESPN to replace Wilbon in the chair as a pregame analyst.

Wilbon will reportedly still join the crew from time to time.

Reports are that the move was made primarily to all Wilbon to return to focusing on Pardon the Interruption.  Recently, Wilbon has appeared on PTI via a remote NBA location.  Some believe that his abscence from the set has taken away from the outstanding chemistry he has with Tony Kornheiser.

Collins of course is one of the best in game analyst in the business and should definitely help with the chemistry and basketball knowledge of the crew.

3 thoughts on “Doug Collins To Replace Michael Wilbon On ESPN’s NBA Countdown

  • I have an idea, how about they fire Bill Simmons. What does he know about basketball?

  • The problem is there’s no Ernie Johnson type to help facilitate the show. Adding Doug Collins will not help with chemistry as like you said he’s an analyst not a facilitator! Doug Collins should be doing games not in studio commentary. They actually need Rece Davis.

  • Get rid of Magic. He brings absolutely nothing to the show

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