Drake Speaks on His Love For and Relationship With Johnny Manziel (Video)

Johnny Manziel Drake

The way the media and fans react to Drake, reminds me very much of how they respond to certain athletes. There isn’t much of middle ground, very much like a LeBron or a Kobe, if you love him you are borderline obsessed with him, if you hate him, no matter what he does it makes you mad.

That to me is what makes him stand out as an artist. I think he makes good music, but it is how he draws emotions out of people is the difference between him and say a Big Sean.

He is a bright guy, who seems to speak from the heart and people make fun of that, but at least he isn’t ashamed of who he is or where he comes from. I rather someone like that, that someone trying too hard to be like by masses, so they are always fronting.

He was on 1st Take (check out Stephen A. kissing up big time) explaining his relationship with Johnny Manziel. Word on the Game provides the video.