ESPN Obtains Photo Of Johnny Manziel Signing Autographs Hours Before Bama Game


Man talk about awesome timing by a sports network.

A photo of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel signing for South Florida autograph broker Drew Tieman in early January has been obtained by ESPN and Darren Rovell. 

It is the first visual representation of Manziel signing for Tieman. In the photo, which two sources have confirmed as legitimate, Manziel, in a long-sleeved maroon shirt, is standing over a covered pool table signing photos of his image while Tieman oversees the process.

The photo, according to sources, was taken in the Fort Lauderdale apartment in which Tieman was living at the time.

ESPN called Tieman through his company and was told he was not immediately available for comment. Texas A&M has not made Manziel available for interviews this week prior to Saturday’s game against No. 1Alabama in College Station. Neither Manziel’s attorney, Jim Darnell, nor a Texas A&M official returned calls seeking comment.

Manziel’s case is closed aftering he already served a half game suspension, but it still brings to light the shady dealings of the NCAA and possibly a huge sports entity.

I find it hard to believe that this photo didn’t exist two weeks ago, two days ago, heck last night.