Columnist Says Aaron Rodgers is not Great Because He’s 5-24 When Trailing Late


Is Aaron Rodgers starting to feel some pressure from the outside critics and pundits who deem it necessary to tear everyone down when they reach a certain peek?

Are there cracks in the armor of the discount double check guy?

Fresh off a Sunday loss to the Bengals and a highly publicized disagreement with head coach Mike McCarthy, Rodgers is now catching heat from the machine that is ESPN.

According to The Big Lead, ESPN Insider, Scott Kacsmar chose to point out all of Rodgers’ failures in close games when the Packers are trailing.

Kacsmar’s deemed it a hidden weakness.

Of course this comes on the heels of the Packers losing a lead late against the Bengals and having a chance to win, only to shoot themselves in the foot in the end.
That loss gave the Packers a 9-26 record in games that they had a chance to win in the fourth quarter, and it mad Rodgers 5-24 when trailing in the fourth quarter with a chance to take a lead.
That’s definitely an interesting stat and lets me know that people are watching Rodgers and now are waiting for the cocky California kid to fail.