Ex-NHLer Sean Avery & Bravo’s Andy Cohen Respond to Engagement Rumors

Sean Avery


Even in retirement, former NHL agitator Sean Avery, manages to keep us guessing what he’s going to do next.

According to a story courtesy Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports, Avery found segments of his private life exposed by gossip site The Fame Driven, with rumors that he has been secretly engaged to Andy Cohen, the man responsible for birthing the ideas behind Bravo TV’s programming, and host of “Watch What happens Next.”

During his career and after it, Avery, has been a strong advocate for marriage rights in New York, and was on the board for “Athletes Ally,” a group of heterosexual athletes fighting to get rid of homophobia in sports. Cohen on the other hand, is the first known openly gay host of an American late-night talk show.

These are the rumors from Fame Driven:

“I’m not sure if you are aware or not but Andy Cohen has been dating former NHL star Sean Avery for almost a year and a half now, it will be two years in March. And get this, they are secretly ENGAGED! There have been rumors for years in the NHL league about Sean Avery’s sexuality, but he has always vehemently denied it, Sean even went as far as to “date” a beard girlfriend (Elisha Cuthbert), who he was never even remotely into, to cover up him receiving backlash from his NHL teammates and internally in the NHL for being gay.

“… Sean thinks that by having an openly gay relationship with another pubic figure such as Andy will give him the title of “NHL’s first openly gay athlete dating a BRAVO Executive” following him and people not notice him for anything else. Sean is openly gay/bisexual around close friends, but not to the public.”

Avery and Cohen are known to be very close with the former appearing on Bravo TV programming regularly in the past. When questioned about the rumors, both men, starting with Cohen, responded very coyly on Twitter.



Here’s Avery’s response.



Then Cohen posted this photo on his Facebook page in an obvious attempt at humor.



Who knows what’s going on with these two, this must be the most effective way of playing off a gay rumor that I’ve seen. Avery has been with quite a few hot females like Rachel Hunter, doesn’t mean he’s not gay but it’s a pretty impressive dating portfolio he’s got.