Fan Writes Letter To Pelicans Saying He’s Better Than Kobe, Wants $1 Million Contract


I know a lot of guys who work regular 9-5 jobs, and during their off time, are really good basketball players.

I’ve never heard of a guy writing a letter to a professional team, asking for a job.  Not a tryout, but a job. writer Jim Eichenhofer shared a letter from an unknown fella, who was lobbying to get a shot in the NBA with team.

How would you like a 1 mill a year superstar better than KD LeBron James MJ Kobie Bryant. I am serious I’m top notch. I haven’t played in 5 years and can do it all. Need to practice I am rusty. I am 6’3″ to 6’5″ can do shot’s block post pass defend rebound steal run do it all. Come get in touch I’ll be top of the NBA in two years. I’m [redacted] want only 1 mill for life a year. At least come get me [???] me one year. Phone [redacted] [???] [redacted]. I’m what you need for total success. I play hurt sick and still win. See ya.

I badly want to believe this guy is trolling us all.  But then you read the letter, and he truly believes everything he wrote.