Fans Show Up to Aaron Hernandez Arraignment Wearing his Jersey (Photo)


While most of America will condemn a suspected criminal based on media reports, apparently there are some people who believe in the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ theory. When the news broke about Aaron Hernandez’s alleged involvement in several homicides in the New England area, condemnation for Hernandez poured in. Well, it seems that there are some people left who are still in Hernandez’s corner other than his family and close friends.

CBS Sports reports that three people (two men and a woman) showed up to court today to support Hernandez. They weren’t family, just fans that believe that Hernandez is being wrongly accused. one of the men and the woman wore Hernandez jerseys, and the other man wore a shirt that said ‘Free 8AH1’. All three stayed for the actual arraignment, and the woman actually traveled from Georgia to be there today.




It’s nice that there are people who have faith even in the grimmest of situations, but traveling from Georgia to Massachusetts does seem a bit excessive; especially since this woman is of no relation to Hernandez either.