First NBA 2K14 Rankings Appear: Derrick Rose Ranked 92


With the Oct 1st release date for NBA 2K14 looming, it only makes sense to have sightings of the players’ rankings. CBS Sports has given us our first look at some names on the list. It’s always interesting to see where everyone is as measures up, but there are some top mentions that basketball enthusiasts may find amusing.

· LeBron James – 99

· Kevin Durant – 94

· Carmel Anthony – 92

· Russell Westbrook – 91

· Paul George – 88

· John Wall – 85

· Monta Ellis – 82

· Brook Lopez – 81

· Pau Gasol – 81

· Roy Hibbert – 81

· Anthony Bennett – 76

· Evan Turner – 76




It’s easily understandable why Lebron James and Kevin Durant would sit so high in the rankings. However, I’m really grasping at straws when trying to find why Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose were placed at the same level. Considering that Rose has missed a year and a half of basketball recovering from an injury that really shouldn’t take so much time to recoup from, Melo should feel insulted.

There are other interesting rankings, such as Steph Curry and Paul George both ranked at 88. It doesn’t seem right to consider George to have the same impact on his team as Curry, but obviously someone feels differently. As more rankings are announced, I’m sure some more interesting rankings will be coming our way. In the meantime, we can only wonder where the experts are going awry.

One thought on “First NBA 2K14 Rankings Appear: Derrick Rose Ranked 92

  • thats not their ranking… its a big difference in rating and ranking. their numerical rating is based off a series of talent formulas/quotients and the only thing that would be impacted by d rose being injured last year is his injury rating on the game but everything else would be the same from previous years.

    this is why curry & george’s 88 rating are irrelevant in comparison. each has strengths/weaknesses in their games that allowed their talent rating to equal 88.

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