Floyd Mayweather Being Sued For Not Paying For Game 7 Courtside Seats


What some would deem a distraction, Floyd Mayweather Jr. deems good press.

That’s why finding out that he’s being sued by a law firm four days before the biggest fight of his life will probably only make him laugh.

TMZ is reporting that Mayweather Jr. is being sued by a company called White Glove International.  They are claiming that the undefeated champion hired them on June 20th to purchase 3 courtside seats to Game 7 in Miami between the Heat and the Spurs.

The firm claims to be the top VIP Concierge & Lifestyle management team around.

Mayweather reportedly purchased the tickets the day of the game.

According to the lawsuit, each ticket cost $25,000. White Glove says Mayweather also purchased an additional ticket in the first row for $5,000. Four tickets total.

The bill came to $80,000 and White Glove says Mayweather still hasn’t covered the tab.

They are suing for the entire sum plus interest. Calls to Mayweather’s camp weren’t returned.