Floyd Mayweather Could Possibly Earn $100 Million After Beating Canelo Alvarez


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Here is what we know.

We know that Mayweather after his fight with Canelo Alvarez was handing a check for $41.5 million. We also know that because the promotion was such a success he will make millions more. How many millions will depend on a lot of factors, but if everything breaks Mayweather’s way, he will be living up to his “Money” Moniker.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Sept. 14 bout against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez could earn Mayweather Jr. up to $100 million, according to an ESPN.com report. Mayweather is already guaranteed to make $41.5 million for his WBA/WBC junior middleweight unification fight against Alvarez.

The numbers might be inflated a bit in the end, but the point is only one athlete on the planet is generating anywhere close to $100 million for less than an hour of work.

So, love him or hate him, you can never question Mayweather’s business savvy.


  1. Getting rid of Arum was one of the smartest decisions Mayweather ever made. With having said that, any fighter who signs with Arum or King is an idiot!

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