Floyd Mayweather Guaranteed $41.5 Million for Canelo Fight

Floyd Mayweather 2012 Lamborghini Aventador

For two fights this year, Mayweather will have made a guaranteed amount of $73.5 million and that is only the minimum amount. Once all the revenue is caculated from gate receipts, PPV, merchandise and sponsors (Mayweather gets a cut of all of that), his take home amount before taxes will be close to $100 million.

Straight Cash Homie.

2 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Guaranteed $41.5 Million for Canelo Fight

  • Boxers in the game should look at Mayweather and learn how he is making money. After that, they will know not to sign contracts with con-artists like Don King, Bob Arum or that cocaine sniffing cross dresser! Be your own boss and hire Al Haymon as a financial consultant.

  • Some of these thugs ought to get their fingers broken and re-set in a permanant gang sign position to save them the trouble when someone takes a photo.

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