Former WWE Announcer Jim Ross Open to UFC Job



If you watched pro wrestling in the late 90s, which a lot people did, the voice of many of the iconic moments was Jim Ross.  Ross not only was the voice of the company, but he also played a big part behind the scenes as head of talent relations.  A role in which he was instrumental in scouting talent and signing some of the biggest stars at the time including: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar.  Ross’ eye for talent can be beneficial to the UFC, as it was for the WWE.

Ross appeared on the MMA Hour, and discussed how the transition from pro wrestling to MMA would be.

“I think that, quite frankly this may sound egocentric, but I think the transition from calling a pro wrestling match to calling MMA fights would be easy, it would just be getting more familiar with fighters, more familiar with techniques, nuances that I try to study with ample preparation. I’d say the same thing about broadcasting football.”

Ross met with UFC president Dana White a few months ago at a convention Las Vegas and describes the meeting as positive and also had a meeting set up with UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner.

Here’s a fan-made video of what fans can expect with Good Ol’ JR as a UFC Commentator

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  • Jim Ross used to announce football games for the Atlanta Falcons. I always wonder why he never became as famous as Al Michaels. I also wonder if he is leaving the WWE for other reasons. Word on the internet is that Vince’s daughter is calling the shots and she is extremely incompetent and difficult to work with.

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